The Deal: A Religion-Indifferent Serenity Pact

I wrote this when I was thinking about 12-step groups, belief in a higher power, and the importance of the serenity prayer, with a conscious awareness of how it may make those without skyfather-oriented religious identity or belief uncomfortable. May uttered in unison as a mutual request between friends, family, teammates, atheist congregation members, etc., said as wedding vows, or offereed as a prayer to any deit(y/ies) or spirit(s)( with or without the last line):

Please, so that I may know peace & sow goodness, help me:

to find courage and so, by the power of my faith in you, me, and us, accept those things that I cannot change;

to bear confidence and with it, by the strength of the love we feel, change those wrongs that I'm driven to right;

to garner wisdom so I may, by grace of truth, rightly know each in its turn and fear neither to be the other;

and I'll proffer that same help to you, and for all I hold dear in existence.