Shining the Aut Light

Hi there. :-)

  You probably don’t know me yet–maybe even if you think you do. That’s about to change.

  A good place to start is my AutLife Manifesto. After all, that’s what touched all this off–the day when, upset & reeling at a harsh exchange with my beloved the night before, I finally tried, on my Facebook timeline, to make it clear to people EXACTLY what I go through on a daily, &, indeed, moment-to-moment basis.

  The positive response overwhelmed me, & though I had toyed with the idea before, I knew then that I had to write, really write, about my life, my experiences & my worldview–not just for my own benefit, but for every misunderstood soul with this diffability that prevents most from effectively communicating what it’s like. I also wanted to write for the sake of those with other abnormalities–i.e., everyone. ;-) That might sound a little self-important. I do possess a high level of justified self-confidence, surpassed only by my humility. Sadly, I lack any sense of humor or irony whatsoever. ;-p

  Seriously, though, what makes me think my story is worth telling? Where would I get the daft idea that a man like me, someone born broken or at the very least destined to be, can make a difference? Well, I’ve helped a lot of people, or so they tell me. I’ve brought my share of smiles into the world. I’ve been credited with improving lives, with changing them for the better; & once or twice, it’s even been said that I saved them. Truth is, though–I don’t know if this can matter. I only know I have to try. I must attempt to repay the kindness that has been shown to me by a world I struggle to be a part of.

  It’s been a good while now since my realization–sometimes it’s hard for me to get started even when I have a good idea. This week, however, it’s clear this idea’s time has come, even though the site here is still in rough shape.( I promise it’ll improve as I go along.) So here goes, time to share perspective on what it means being human, from someone who had to learn to be human the hard way.

  I’m finally ready to make my world better, & if I do my job right, maybe your world will follow. If we work together, who knows? Maybe the world will follow. Hope springs eternal for those who have faith in tomorrow, in themselves, & in their loved ones. I have faith in all of you.

  Let’s get started, then. Full-spectrum illumination for ASD & NT alike awaits, so click on through to the AutLife Manifesto.

–D.R.T.Y.boi E.M.

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