It is what someone else can have for you and give to you without it ever becoming yours. Something that many of us can name long before we know the first thing about its nature. Something that you can receive constantly for years yet you may never have any, nor really even know what it is, until you find you have some that's not for you but instead for someone whose you've never expected to have. Something that is always yours when you have it for anyone, that you still have no matter whom you give it to. Something that can go unseen by those to whom it is shown, that often remains unknown to they whom it is made for. And it's the most difficult thing in the world to show to those who don't know what it looks like, even though they most need to see it; most difficult to give to those who don't have it and most need it, even though you won't lose it and most people want to receive it. The thing most important to keep showing & giving to people even though that won't necessarily ensure that they ever see or have any for themselves, let alone have any to show or give to you & others. Something that makes the most difference even without changing anything, that changes everything even when it doesn't make a difference.